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Industrial Radiators and Coolers for the Oilfield

We are your one-stop resource for industrial radiator services, cooling towers (oil, gas, water), oil coolers (shell, air cooled, lube oil, tube, hydraulic), aftercoolers, intercoolers, watermakers and any other heat exchange services you might require.

Plate Heat Exchangers | Oilfield Coolers

Plate and Heat Exchangers

Restoration of a compressor cooler, the project scope consisted of retube, plugs, gaskets, electrical hook-up and motor testing. Structural modifications were fabricated, 2M replaced deteriorated side rails and guards, sandblasted and a 4-coat paint system was applied.

Industrial Radiators | 2m Oilfield Group


Refurbished with new solder coated cores, bolts, gaskets, bearings, and pressure cap. The structural steel was rusted; 2M fabricated a new structure, sandblasted and applied a 3-part paint system.

Water Jacket Heat Exchanger | Oilfield Coolers

Water Jacket Heat Exchangers

Water Jacket heat exchangers with steel shell and steel tubes fabricated, tested and painted at 2M.

U-Tube Heat Exchanger | 2M Oilfield Group

U-Tube Heat Exchanger

2M replaced the tubes and the baffles using existing tube sheets on this particular job. Our capablities of refurbishing tubes sheets and baffles are endless. Call us for your U-tube heat exchanger requirements.

Fin Fan Gas Cooler | 2m Oilfield Group

Fin Fan Gas Cooler

A restored fin fan gas cooler section ready for shipment. The project scope consisted of re-tube, new access plugs and gaskets, with structural modification of braces and side rails. The unit was hydro-tested, charted, sandblasted and a 3-coat paint system was applied.

Compressor Cooler | Industrial Coolers

5-Stage Compressor Cooler

40′ tubes being installed by 2M’s crew on an offshore 5-stage compressor cooler (1st, 2nd, 3rd gas, 4th water and 5th oil).